Infinity IT Services provides smart connectivity solutions for all applications. We can provide circuits from simple ADSL through to leased lines to WiMAX (wireless broadband). Our added value is the high quality support and personal service from the Infinity IT Services team.

We provide communications solutions for large corporations and growing businesses. Over time many of these installations have grown in scale, complexity and bandwidth usage. The Infinity IT Services team has been there to help in this growth and ensure that smooth upgrade path is provided.

ADSL Services

Business ADSL broadband is a high speed always on technology that provides connectivity to the Internet at a fixed monthly price. Download speeds range from 512 kbps to 24 Mbps, depending on the type of package. Whatever industry you’re in we can deliver a business ADSL solution that suits your requirements.

Annex M:

Annex M is a new type of ADSL which enhances the upload speed to 2.5Mbps and 24Mbps download under ideal conditions. Users need a special router often denoted with a 'M' in the model number. As with all ADSL products the speed is dependent on the distance from the exchange and the quality of the line. Benefits:


  •  Improved real time applications such as VOIP
  •  Increase capacity for Citrix / remote Desktop users
  •  Better performance for remote access workers
  •  VPN speed enhanced between sites
  •  Better access to servers hosted on client sites
Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband

With broadband that's eight times faster than the CANADA average you'll do everything you do now, but faster. In a world where you can email, upload, and download supersize files at the touch of a button, you can say goodbye to clock-watching.

Superfast speed means you can get your people working from home, easily. They'll be able to retrieve data from your internet or intranet sites as easily as if they were in the office.

It opens up as many opportunities as you can handle: home or office, Superfast fibre optic broadband can also help your collaboration tools work really smoothly. No more jerky pictures or poor sound.


Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is fast becoming a popular way to connect your offices to the Internet, or to connect your offices to each other, it is a practical business solution and ideal for customers who require a higher bandwidth than is achievable on traditional ADSL products but is at a more competitive price point compared to other fibre-based Ethernet services.

The innovative and affordable bonded copper connection ensures resilience and boosts commercial productivity for a wide variety of end users. Customers have access to a full range of synchronous Ethernet services delivered over bandwidths from 5Mb - 20Mb symmetrical, with 100% success rate on achieving minimum predicted speeds, in addition to the existing portfolio of fibre based products for the 10Mb through to 1Gb range.

Leased Line

Infinity IT Services’s help in getting Leased Lines give you more than a standard broadband or fibre line, because you don't share the bandwidth with anyone else, you get a guaranteed speed. And the high bandwidth also means multiple users can be online at the same time without any effect on the speed.

If a tough, resilient internet connection is absolutely critical to your business, then a leased line could be exactly what you need.

  •  Keeping you online when you need it or money back, based on 100% service availability target
  •  Guaranteed download and upload speeds that won't slow down, ever
  •  Flexible bandwidth - you only pay for what you need
  •  Free online bandwidth reports
  •  Protection from network crashes. It's the safest way to keep connected
  •  Protection from security threats

Like any leased line service, it is a larger investment for your business than a standard broadband connection, but the benefits could easily out-weigh the costs depending on your needs and usage

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