Strategic Services

Strategic Services

We help our customers develop an IT strategy over a 1-3 year period. By looking at developing IT trends and costs, and building a personalized IT road map, we assist in developing an IT strategy to complement and support your business strategy.

Before accepting a new client, we undertake a complete audit of the existing network and recommend any changes. This then enables us to offer a complete model of outsourcing for IT support, network services, help desk and project management, which minimizes costs and maximizes efficiencies, yielding savings and a more efficient expenditure in IT budgets.

Our core competencies are: Engineering and Design. Infrastructure, Data Centre, Network and Server engineering which allow us to consult various disciplines, Project Management, including technology relocation & consolidation, infrastructure engineering, Start-Up Projects and Implementations of technology including support agreements and full life cycle projects from small office start-ups to multinational support, all backed by comprehensive Training, on site, off site, our site.


We provide independent Consultancy on all aspects of IT management, with a focus on

  •  Security
  •  Strategy
  •  Innovation
  •  Return on Investment
  •  Technology
  •  Reliability
Email Security

Our consultancy is more than just talk – our powerful software tools can audit your systems, enabling us to make solid fact based recommendations in easy to understand format. Allied to this, you get access to the experience we bring to the table, to the manpower we can provide, as well as the up-to-date knowledge of what’s happening in the IT world.

Management and in house support teams will benefit from a one-off or ongoing consultancy, which will expand horizons and possibilities, reinforce ideas, and provide a solid base for decision making.

Here are some ways we may help your business:

  •  Providing you with a solid foundation to bounce ideas off.
  •  Consulting on specific projects
  •  Providing you with the link building manpower you need to reinforce your efforts.
  •  Knowing your systems meticulously means we can advise more effectively than an external source
  •  Updating you on innovations in technologies and applications, and exposure to numerous relevant industries
  •  In-house teams often lack the ability to build links proficiently – we can help with that
  •  Consultancy is offered as a separate service, or bundled into our support packages.
Project Management
  •  Infinity IT Services has experience at developing the scope of a project and implementing within set time frames within budget.
  •  We follow developed project plans to ensure a smooth implementation of your bespoke project.
  •  We are accountable for accomplishing the stated project objectives.
  •  Creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of the project management triangle, cost, time and quality.
  •  As the project manager we will determine and implement the exact needs of you, the client, based on our knowledge, communication and expertise.

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