Cloud Services

Cloud Services

What is The Cloud?

“The Cloud” is a friendly way of describing web-based services that are hosted outside of your organization. When you used cloud-based services, your IT infrastructure resides off-premises and is maintained by a third-party instead of residing on a server at your business that you maintain. Many services you use every day are part of the cloud – everything from web-based email to mobile banking and online photo storage. Because this information is located online or “in the cloud” you can access it virtually anywhere.

How the Cloud is changing the IT industry: Today, IT is experiencing a shift from the traditional client/server to the cloud. Going forward, businesses and other organizations will look to consume and deliver IT as a service. Cloud promises to make IT not just cheaper, but also faster, easier, more flexible, and more effectively anywhere.

Moving to The Cloud

What does it mean to "Move to The Cloud"?

A move to the cloud can involve transferring or replacing some or all your office-based or home-based software, storage, or infrastructure systems with web-based services. Office 365 consolidates many business productivity services into a single cloud-based solution that you can choose to run in a way that works best for your business: on-premises, as a hosted service, or as a combination of on-premises and a hosted service.

What are the advantages of moving to The Cloud?

Transitioning to the cloud offers numerous benefits, ranging from costs savings and increased productivity to disaster recovery.

  •  Collaborate and share information more easily - Moving to cloud-based services enables your employees to interact more efficiently and access information from nearly anywhere, on many types of devices, which increases their productivity.
  •  Protect sensitive data - Using cloud-based services contributes to your piece of mind, because if your equipment becomes damaged, lost, or stolen, your sensitive data remains protected and available. Cloud services such as Office 365 often offer multilayered security, proactive monitoring, and access restriction
  •  Reduce cost and resource strain - Automatic security and software updates in cloud-based services enable your business to save both the time and money that are required when you have to maintain an onsite infrastructure.
How do we do it?

With Office 365 we combine the collaboration, communication and security features you need at a really affordable cost allowing you to get your work done securely and communicate real-time from almost anywhere providing you with:

  •  Mobility – being productive on the go
  •  Cloud-based professional email
  •  Accessing email and calendars from anywhere
  •  Work on your Office files online or offline
  •  Personalizing & sharing calendars
  •  Video conferencing and IM
  •  Share files inside and outside your organization
  •  Project management
  •  Easy and secure administration
  •  Financially backed reliability
  •  High security & trust
  •  Office web apps
Private Cloud Services

Joining up with leader in the provision of colocation hosting, we can offer rack space to organization’s looking to host their IT infrastructure in mission critical facilities and can offer space in a number of state of the art CANADA data centers.

Colocation provides you peace of mind and protection from power failures, security breaches and connectivity failures. Put your infrastructure in safe hands, our colocation packages guarantee the following;

  •  24/7 network and systems monitoring
  •  Latest fire detection and warning
  •  Security CCTV system with 24-hour video recording
  •  Full perimeter alarm
  •  Secure access control
  •  24x7 on-site monitoring of facility, alarms and conditions
  •  Direct Uninterruptable Power Supply, with independent generator backup
  •  Fully-protected Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  •  Management of system still lies with you
  •  Provisions for 1 server upwards
Remote working

In this day and age not only can it be very convenient to the worker to work remotely from home, it can be very beneficial to the company as well

Benefits include:

  •  Higher productivity, ability to work uninterrupted especially on project work
  •  Skill retention, greater commitment from staff, greater loyalty
  •  Happier staff, higher morale, more motivation, good staff relations
  •  Better work/life balance, can fit with domestic arrangements
  •  Contributes to ability to offer flexible working conditions & hours
  •  Office space and other facilities go further
  •  Continuity for clients, better customer service
  •  Reduced overheads
  •  Creates a positive image for the company, dynamic, flexible
  •  Managing carbon footprint

Infinity IT Services employs remote desktops solutions which enables IT to instantly deliver any Windows application to users anywhere on any device allowing you to work from anywhere in the world

These systems increase productivity of IT resources and reduces complexity because IT manages all applications from one central location. It simplifies and automates the process of delivering applications, enabling IT to focus on strategic initiatives.

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